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Pilgrim Tour Netherlands

The Pilgrims are a group of people that fled England and came to live in Leiden. In the beginning of the 17th Century, this group of 100 religious people came to the Netherlands to seek refuge. At first, they were willing to stay in Amsterdam, but they were only able to settle in the city of Leiden. They stayed more than 10 years in Leiden before sailing on The Mayflower to the New World (America).

All of our Pilgrim tours are tailor-made based on the clients’ wishes. An example of a tour could be such as the following:

Start where they settled in Leiden. Visit the Pieterskerk: the Church they prayed in for all those years. Inside, you will find some Pilgrim registers. After, visit the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, and John Robinson’s House (the pastor of the Pilgrims and one of their leaders). Enjoy the Hortus Botanicus Leiden, a splendid botanical garden inspired by the Pilgrims’ heritage. And finish the tour in Rotterdam, were the Mayflower departed toward the New World.

What to expect of our Pilgrim tour option:

Interesting Pilgrim sites (Pieterskerk, Leiden American Pilgrim museum, Hortus Botanicus)

Professional guides with exhaustive Pilgrim knowledge

Exclusive access

Expect personal stories and history

Learn about the Pilgrims’ history and heritage in the Netherlands

Leiden American pilgrim museum

Visit the small Leiden American pilgrim museum and discover how they lived all those years in Leiden. The 14th-century old house will help you immerse yourselves in their daily life.

Personalize the Pilgrim tour Netherlands

You can also do this tour on multiple days. You could start your journey in Amsterdam and visit the main highlights, then go to Leiden in order to learn about Pilgrims, and finish by a nice day-tour of Rotterdam.

Are you interested in the Pilgrim tour Netherlands, we are happy to give some suggestions.

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